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"No module named lxml.etree" error in controlling GP3

Hi Everyone

I'm trying to control Gaze Point 3 with Pygaze (WinPython-PyGaze-0.6.0) and the latest version of GazePoint Controller on Win10 (64bit).

The problem is...

When I try to run "SlideShow" example, "No module named lxml.etree" error is thrown.

I re-installed lxml and freetype-py to no avail.

Could anyone tell me how to fix this problem?

The full error message is pasted below.

Best regards


FreeType import Failed: Freetype library not found

Traceback (most recent call last):

 File "", line 30, in <module>

  tracker = EyeTracker(disp)

 File "C:\Users\DoiH\Desktop\WinPython-PyGaze-0.6.0\python-2.7.3\lib\site-packages\pygaze\", line 118, in __init__

  from pygaze._eyetracker.libopengaze import OpenGazeTracker

 File "C:\Users\DoiH\Desktop\WinPython-PyGaze-0.6.0\python-2.7.3\lib\site-packages\pygaze\_eyetracker\", line 41, in <module>

  from opengaze import OpenGazeTracker as OpenGaze

 File "C:\Users\DoiH\Desktop\WinPython-PyGaze-0.6.0\python-2.7.3\lib\site-packages\pygaze\_eyetracker\", line 14, in <module>

  import lxml.etree

ImportError: No module named lxml.etree

0.8818 WARNING     Movie2 stim could not be imported and won't be available

1.0676 WARNING     TextBox stim could not be imported and won't be available.

1.0677 WARNING     TextBox Font Manager Found No Fonts.

1.0680 WARNING     Monitor specification not found. Creating a temporary one...

1.0683 WARNING     User requested fullscreen with size [1024 768], but screen is actually [1280, 720]. Using actual size


  • Solved.

    Sorry for bothering you all.



  • edited June 2019

    For future reference, the solution is to install the lxml library by opening a terminal (command prompt) and running the following command:

    pip install lxml

    For more info, see:

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