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Hello, everyone,

I did a survey on the importance of corporate values. Five situations were described and then the importance of 8 different values was asked (interval scaled). The aim is to experience the importance of transparency. I am very unsure which Anova test to take. Through the Anova I want to find out if there are differences between the importance of transparency and the importance of other company values in the individual situations.

To find out where these differences lie, I have already done a t-test for connected samples. It compares the mean values of the individual company values against the mean values of transparency in the different situations.

It would be very nice if someone could help me :)


  • Hi Vanessa,

    There may be people out here to assist with this general stats question, but doing so is not really the purpose of this forum. However, there is some good news too: in order to assist you with questions such as these, we are setting up a separate forum that provides statistical assistance. It is more or less ready but we need to tie up some loose ends first. Also, if you want help, it is a good idea to provide a (mock) data set, as this encourages people to start tinkering; also, you will then have more concrete answers.



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