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[open]sound volume in media_player VLC

edited July 2013 in OpenSesame


I have several film clips to present. But the sound seems to be pretty much smaller when played in the OpenSesame project in comparison with direct playing with VLC. The film clips are mpg-format and I'am using the lastest version of OpenSesame. I set all the volumn to the highest, including the speaker. Most of the film clips are so quiet that I hardly understand the dialog. I've converted one film into avi. format. It is a little bit louder than mpg. but still doesn't help. Is there some suggestions to solve the problem?

Thanks a lot!



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    Hi Ying,

    this is quite weird. I will look into it and come back to you once I find an answer.


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    I have some trouble diving into this as the page with the API of the vlc plugins for python seem to have disappeared. I remember that there was a "set_volume()" function or the like for the vlc player object, with which you could adjust the volume. Without the API I'll have to dive into the code of the plugin to figure this out and this may take some time...

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