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Informed Prior In bayesian T-Test


I am new to using bayesian analysis. I am doing replication study and the target study stated that there is gender differences observed in their study and the analysis was conducted using independent sample T-test and they gave the values of Mean,SD, t, df.

I want to examine the evidence in the light of new data and i want conduct bayesian T-test using informed prior by using the values provided in the target article. Can you please explain me, in the jasp software, in the bayesian t-test module under the prior option there is two options default and informed and under the informed, I selected T and besides there is three boxes denoting Location, Scale, df. I don't understand what values should i fill in these boxes. Can you please give one example from the attachment(image) provided below like what values to enter and how those values are calculated and choosed.

Thank you in advance for your help.


  • I read the both these papers however it is still not clearly understood .

    1. Informed t-test (

    2. Replication Bayes factors (

    Can you please provide one example of how to conduct using informed prior using bayesian t-test of two sided and one sided hypothesis from the values provided in the above image (Attachment)

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