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[open] Invisible boundary trigger for eye tracking

edited July 2013 in OpenSesame


Is there a way to create invisible boundary triggers with open sesame? The effect that I want to achieve is to tabulate how many trials participants move their gaze from a central fixation before prompted to do so.



  • edited July 2013

    Hi John,

    There isn't a ready-made plug-in, but you could use an inline_script to do so using exp.eyelink.sample() (see here). An example script that waits until the gaze position has been moved too far from a central fixation point:

    (place the following in the Run phase of an inline_script item)

    # import relevant stuff
    from openexp.canvas import canvas
    # max deviation
    maxdev = 60 # pixels from fixation dot
    # fixation position at half the screen width and half the screen height (i.e.: the screen center)
    fixpos = (self.get("width")/2, self.get("height")/2)
    # draw and show the fixation canvas
    cv = canvas(exp)
    cv.fixdot(x=fixpos[0], y=fixpos[1])
    # show canvas and wait for movement
    moved = False
    t0 =
    while not moved:
        x, y = exp.eyelink.sample() # the sample method returns the most recent x and y gaze coordinates
        if (x-fixpos[0])**2 + (y-fixpos[1])**2 > maxdev**2:
            t1 = self.time()
            moved = True
    # save some variables, to use in the OpenSesame GUI
    exp.set("fixation_duration", t1-t0)

    Does this help?

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