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Running interactive experiments in OpenSesame

Hello everyone, we are having a slight difficulty with a part of our programming and would be grateful for any feedback.

We are running an experiment in a computer lab with 30 children at once. Ideally, we would like to have control over when they move to the next part of the experiment (all 30 at once). For example, when we read the instructions, the instructions will appear written on the screen, then, instead of having the children press a key to start the experiment, we would like to have control over that by, say, pressing a key on the master computer and starting the experiment on all 30 computers. This way we can make sure we are finished reading the instructions, answering any questions and then starting the experiment, where they all start at once. Does anyone know of a way to do this from the master computer or any suggestions to get around this? Psynteract was suggested as a possible option, could anyone confirm that this can be done using it? Thank you in advance!


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