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Interpretation of this bayes repeated measures ANOVA output

Hi there,

I am really new to the use of bayes factor and I am still trying to understand what this output of mine means. I am interested in looking at the interaction effects between the factors used in my study (Blink type, Size and Time). The BF reading is straight forward for the single factors themselves, but I am unsure what the "+" and the "*" exactly means when it comes to multiple factors.

I wish to clarify on the following:

1) From what I understand, in the case of 'Size + Time', the BF value reflects how this model compares to the null when these two factors are present, but does NOT tell you about the interaction effect?

2) So if I wish to look at the interaction between Size and Time, I should be looking at 'Size + Time + Size * Time'?

3) When I then look at 'Blink Type + Size + Time + Size * Time', the BF value drops significantly for this interaction with the inclusion of the Blink Type factor even though it has nothing to do with the Size * Time interaction?

Thanks in advance!


  • To add on:

    Am I better off just reading the BF values from the Analysis of Effects table for interaction effects?

    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. Not sure; what I see from the table is that "Size" is the only factor for which the data offer support (and they do so in compelling fashion)
    4. With many factors and interactions, the inclusion ("analysis of effects") approach becomes increasingly attractive.



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