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Significance of Anova and Linear Regression

Hello, I am new to using JASP and actually stumbled across a problem Im not able to solve at all.

I did a Anova on a set of data and it showed me, that the data is statistically significant. After that I tried to do a linear regression with the same data and all of a sudden it isnt statistically significant anymore. This is a study I have to analyse for uni and we have almost only done linear regression and correlational matrix in class, so I would be surprised if I had to do something else this time.. Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?

I would be really grateful if you could help me!!


  • Hi Sarah

    ANOVA is the same as linear regression when "treatment" (or whatever condition label you have) is a discrete factor. But the linear regression routine does need to realize that "treatment" is factor, not a continuous number. I suspect that this may be the source of the discrepancy, but to know for sure we'd need some more concrete material -- screenshots, .jasp files, etc.



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