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OpenSesame 3.2.8 "Kafkaesque Koffka" released

About this update

OpenSesame 3.2.8 Kafkaesque Koffka is the eight maintenance release in the 3.2 series. It contains bug fixes and minor improvements, and should be a pleasant and safe upgrade for everyone who is using the 3.2 series. As always, you can download OpenSesame from here:

If you are upgrading from OpenSesame 3.1 or earlier, please see the list of important changes:


Thanks to:

  • @Daniel for his work on OSWeb, the Mac OS package, and bug fixes

Bug fixes and improvements


  • Updated to 3.2.8
  • Updated to 3.2.8
  • Issue #660: Save As dialog always opens at user profile after starting OpenSesame (Enhancement)
  • Issue #662: Enable scaling on HiDPI displays (Enhancement)
  • Issue #663: Fonts from the file pool are not recognized (Bug)
  • Issue #665: SRBox: dummy mode is broken (Bug)
  • Issue #667: SRBox: responses are always incorrect (Bug)


  • Updated to 1.3.0


  • Updated to 1.2.0


  • Updated to
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