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[solved] Recording the serial number of randomized textual stimuli

edited August 2013 in OpenSesame


My name is Nemanja. I am sorry to bother you, but i have one question about the logger. I am trying to make an experiment in which words are randomly presented on the screen. I am collecting reaction time and value of response key. In this experiment, I defined a new variable, and all words are written in it. Therefore, the main problem is that I cannot record the serial number of randomized stimuli. For example, if the word "dentist" is at first place in the variable, but presented in 26th iteration of the loop, I will have only that number (26-order of the word), but not the serial number. I assume that this should be rather easy thing to do... I do not know why, but I still cannot solve it. Once more, I am sorry to bother you with such simple question.

Thank you in advance,



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    Hi Nemanja,

    If I understand correctly, you could simply add another variable for the numbers corresponding to the words. If you feel you'd like to know more, though, please elaborate :)



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    Hi Edwin,
    I am grateful for the immediate response. I have managed to do it like that, I have even thought of it, but something distracted me. Thank you once more!
    Nemanja :)

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