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Create response of swiping left, right, up and down


I wanted to create an experiment where a word is shown on the centre of the screen and can be swiped right, left, up and down by the participant on a touch screen device. I have stored the words in the loop and used inline script to display the words on the screen using canvas. However, I need help about the the swiping response can be created in OpenSesame. Thanks!


  • Hi Radhika,

    How far did you get already? How do you want the swiping to look? I think the most straightforward solution is to make the position of the stimulus dependent on the currently touched position. The basic approach could look like this:

    ms = Mouse()
    cv= Canvas()
    cv['word'] = Text('someWord')
    while True:
        b1,b2,b3 = ms.get_pressed()
        # if touch happened (and is being happening), get the current position and adjust the stimulus pos
        while b1:
            (x,y), time =  ms.get_pos()
            cv['word'].x = x
            cv['word'].y = y
        # if stimulus was moved, stop trial
        if cv['word'].x != 0:

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more help.


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