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Possibility to run video and if event pause run text form and then resume video

Hello :)

I'm totally discovering Opensesame, since some weeks now, in order to create an experiment. I'm trying to find a way to run 4 videos (thanks to Media player mpy) and to give possibility to participants to 'pause' whenever they want this video by pressing the space key. When they press this key, I would like a text form questionnaire sequence was shown and when they done to complete this text form questionnaire, I would like the video resume from where it pause by pressing enter key.

This is finally really similar to this request : I tried to use and to modify these codes in order to achieve the experiment I would like to create but despite all what I have tried, it doesn't work (I do not know how to call the media player plugin instead of the sampler module to run the video files). I am probably missing something very simple.

Do you have any help on how I can implement this ?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi,

    I am not an expert on video playback, so maybe I am not making sense here, but I think the only* way to accomplish this is to use OpenCV:

    This is a python library that allows for plenty of video operations, but requires you to do Python coding in Opensesame (there are no plugins using this code). I suggest you first try to implement regular video feedback with OpenCV, once you have that, adding a break upon space key press, running the questionnaire and then resuming will be rather easy. Does this make sense?


    * Maybe there are hacky ways to do this with the mpy player as well, but I wouldn't know how if possible.

  • Hello eduard,

    First, thank you very much for taking time to answer my question !

    And yes, your answer seems really make sense, I will try to use OpenCV according to you advices.

    Thank you very much again,


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