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Just a fair warning, I am a high school senior in participating in a Capstone Research program at my school, so I am relatively inexperienced in the using this program. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate any advice and help any of you could offer. I used the generic IAT template found from ( to create an IAT test. The actual test is working perfectly, but when it is finished, a csv file downloads with tons of data. The link I got the IAT template has a separate code for analysis of the data, but I am having a hard time figuring out how to to actually run this code on the data collected from the IAT test. I am assuming I am going to need a separate software, but I am unsure. If any of you have previously used this template, or just understand how to resolve this issue, any advice would be appreciated.



  • Hi,

    Yeah, Opensesame is only covering data collection, not data analysis. There are plenty software possibilities for data analysis. You can use JASP, python (pandas), R, Excel. I suggest you pick one of them and start a tutorial on how to analyze data with it (or maybe first do a general tutorial on that software). In the beginning, it might seem a little overwhelming, but if you go step by step, you will soon see that things are actually quite manageable.

    Does this make sense?


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