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Which is the best way to randomize this ?


My question is straightfoward : what is the best way to randomize these three items in this sequence ?

And this is the loop table containing it

Thanks in advance for your help.



  • Hi Yorgo,

    that depends what type of randomization you want. If you set order in entrainment to random (as you already do according to your sceenshot), you will get a basic randomization that should be fine.

    Or did I misunderstand your question?


  • Hi Eduard,

    Thank you for your answer. Sorry, I wasn't clear.

    I set the loop table on random but (since it only contains one row) it doesn't work because the sequence is run sequentially each time.

    I want to randomize the order of the tasks as an easy way to counter balance between participants.

    How can I change my code/structure in order to achieve this?

    Maybe by creating 3 rows in the column with values 1,2,3 (which will be randomized) , and then put an if statement for each task (e.g. "if value =1")?


  • Oh, sorry, now I see.

    Yes, what you suggest would be a perfectly fine solution. Just use the `run_if` field in the sequence tab to include the if statement.

    Good luck

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