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Integrating OSWeb as a JATOS Component

Hi erveryone,

I am trying to integrate a OSWeb study as one component of a labjs JATOS study but haven't had much luck so far. The goal is to host a normal questionnaire as one component that participants work on first and then add an additional component that should be the OSWeb task. How can I set this up? The import of the two separate studies works - I tried combining the files from the .zip folders in a new .zip folder with different subdirectories plus adjusting the jason file but JATOS keeps informing me that the study is invalid. Do you have any tips/advice for debugging or solving that problem?

Thank you!


  • Hi Sophie,

    That’s a common misconception: you should not create a zip file by zipping it by hand - you should instead do it by Exporting a study from JATOS.*

    To combine two zipped studies into two components, you could do the following:

    1- Import the into JATOS. You should get one study with a single component. Identify the folder in your local computer where these study assets are.

    2-Import the into JATOS. On the component bar, click on More> Export Properties. Save this file on your (e.g.) Desktop.

    3-In the first study, go to Components>Import Properties. This will create a new component in your first study, with the correct properties, including the HTML/JS file that actually runs your study.

    4-Unzip your on your (e.g.) Desktop. Identify the HTML file that corresponds to your component, created in OSWeb. Move this file to the study assets of the labjs one. If you have css files and other assets, move that too-.

    5-Now you have one study with two components. Note that you will likely need to modify the JavaScript code itself in the first component. It will probably have a line that reads jatos.endStudy. You'll have to replace it with jatos.startNextComponent (see here for more details

    6-Export your study (with two components) as a single .zip file by clicking on Export on the study bar

    This sounds complicated but is actually rather simple. If you have problems, let us know


    *In the latest JATOS release we changed the extension .zip to .jzip, with the hope that lesss people will be tempted to create a .zip file by hand.

  • Thank you, Elisa, for this detailed explanation - it worked perfectly!

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