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Calibration with OpenSesame using SMI Red500


I am trying to program my first eyetracking experiment using OpenSesame and an SMI Red500 Eyetracking system. I have a problem at the calibration stage when I run the OpenSesame task: the calibration launches on iView X that is open in the background instead of opening through OpenSesame directly, and the calibration points are all set to (0 0) coordinates. Also, the Stimulus presentation Screen in the iView X Setup changes automatically to a 0 resolution when it receives the 'calibrate' command from OpenSesame.

Could someone help me with this? What did I do wrong?

Thank you all so much in advance for your halp,




  • So I found the solution to my problem.

    It was the connection between my Stimulus-display screen and the monitor PC. Changed my DVI connecting cable to a VGA connecting cable to the same screen and now everything works fine.



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