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Slow/Imprecise Calibrations with Eyelink


We are currently implementing our first eyetracking study with Open Sesame. Our eyetracking setup is the Eyelink 1000 (SR Research), running on Mac OSX 10.12. We have noticed that calibration with Open Sesame is giving much higher values during validation then when we are running Experiment Builder studies and its difficult to get a calibration below the threshold set by the program. Additionally, the eyetracking computer seems to be lagging (taking a longer time for fixations to occur on the calibration points). We previously modified the Experiment Builder screen width and recorded it in the Eyetracker to fix a similar problem in Experiment Builder and are wondering if anyone knows how to do this in Open Sesame.

Thank you,



  • Hi Hannah,

    The calibration procedure is always handled by the EyeLink PC, regardless of whether you're doing this through OpenSesame, Experiment Builder, or some other software. So in that sense, the software cannot affect the quality of the calibration.

    However, the software can control how the calibration dots are shown on the display. So I'm guessing that's where the issue comes from. Are you using the same display resolution in OpenSesame and Experiment Builder (i.e. are the calibration dots in similar places)?



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