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How to get some analysis result in CFA function

Hello everyone :

As i am now doing my thesis with methodology : Confirmatory Factor Analysis

I used to see some online tutorial shows that, I can got the results of some fit measurements.

such as : SRMR, CFI, TLI, RMSEA, under "Additional Fit Measures" There was an error displaying this embed.

but now after I click it, there are no Fit measurement choices exist 

(as following screenshot shows) There was an error displaying this embed.

Can I know is there any change of version, or are there any step i should follow to use those fit measurement function in Confirmatory Factor Analysis ?


  • Hi,


    The additional fit measures button now contains all the fit measures that were previously activated individually! The output tables do show CFI, TLI, and much more now:



  • Can we do partial invariance testing on JASP under CFA?


    Currently, there is no partial invariance testing for CFA! If you'd like to see this implemented as a feature, you can submit an issue on our github page :)


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