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OSWeb keyboard responses

Hi all,

I have created a task that uses keyboard responses which works fine when running it normally, however when I try to run it in OSWeb, the keyboard responses seem not to get registered.

In the task, stimuli are shown through a sketchpad with a duration of 0, after which a keyboard response with a certain timeout is placed. It looks somewhat like this:

Sketchpad1 (duration=0) ---> Keyboard response1 (Timeout=495) ---> Sketchpad2 (duration=0) ---> Keyboard response2 (Timeout=495) ---> Sketchpad1 (duration=0) ---> Keyboard response1 (Timeout=995) ---> Feedback.

On my pc, the correct feedback item is shown when the sequence finished or as soon as the space bar is pressed. When pressing the space bar In OSWeb however, the sequence still finishes completely after which the feedback acts as if nothing was pressed.

Does anybody know what might cause this?




  • I have found the problem! I had "space" as the allowed responses, and for some reason leaving it empty fixed the issue.

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