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2 way Conditional Feedback

hello everyone

Please I need urgent help!

I need to create an experiment with two possible feddbacks depending on the decision and the correct answer of the participants.

This is the structure of the experiment.

1) Fixed dot for 750 ms

2) Display of a random number from 0 to 9 whitout 5.

3) At this point the participant should make a decision, play sure saing if the displayed number is even (A) or odd (B), if the answer is correct win 25 points if is incorrect win 0 points. But if the participant play risky should say if the displayed number is minor (K) or major (Ñ) of 5 and win 50 points with a 50% chance.

This is so far what i could do this is my first time with the software. 

I really aprecite any kind of help


  • This is the globel structure of the experiment


  • Hi Erick,

    I don't understand what exactly is your question. But generally, if you don't just record participants' responses, but also want to use them to change upcoming trials in the experiment, it make sense to use inline_scripts and direct Python coding. Doing that, you need to access the variables that have the information about riskyness, the correctness and other relevant features of your experiment. For example, in your case, you could have something like this:

    import random
    var.points = 0
    if var.risky == 1:
            if var.correct==1:
                  var.points = random.choice([50,0])
    elif var.risky == 0:
          if var.correct == 1:
               var.points = 25

    Does that make sense? Try to get started and if you get stuck post here again.

    Good luck,


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