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Set up eyetracker with pygame display instead of psychopy.Window


Is it possible to set up the Eyelink 1000 eyetracker with a Pygame window object as the display for calibration and stimuli presentation?

Thank you in advance!


  • Hi,

    Not sure about that, but you can modify the calibration targets that are shown on the screen. A way to do it is described here:

    Does that help?


  • Not directly, but you can get a handle to the active PyGame display surface by setting DISPTYPE="pygame" in a file, and then doing the following:

    Separate "" file:

    DISPTYPE = "pygame"
    TRACKERTYPE = "eyelink" # or any other supported tracker

    Your main script:

    import pygame
    from .settings import *
    import pygaze
    from pygaze.display import Display
    from pygaze.eyetracker import EyeTracker
    disp = Display()
    tracker = EyeTracker(disp)
    surf = pygaze.expdisplay
    # Do pygame stuff with your surface.
    # You can blit to it, and pygame.display.flip() will work

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