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Comparing Bayesian and Frequentist Linear Regression Intercepts and Slopes


I compared Bayesian linear regression and frequentist linear regression on the effect of fertilizer on yield. The results show very different intercepts and slopes. Can somebody help me with the following questions?

1.     Is the interpretation for the intercepts the same for both Bayesian (163.5) and frequentist (51.933)?

2.     Is the interpretation for the slopes the same for both Bayesian (0.782)  and frequentist (0.811)?

3.     If not, how are the Bayesian intercept and slope interpreted?

Thanks in advance for your help.




  • Dear JASPERs,

    I think I got the answer to my own questions. The interpretation is the same for Bayesian and frequentist intercepts and slopes except that Bayesian intercept is a 95% HDI distribution with mean 163.50 and the Bayesian slope is a 95% HDI distribution with mean 0.782. I hope I am right.



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