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Post-hoc testing for interaction in 2way BANOVA + Effect sizes


Two questions below I've been pondering lately.

1.) Is there any way to do a post-hoc tests for interactions in a between-subjects 2-way BANOVA in Jasp . From what I can tell I can only post-hoc testing the main effects. I could of course look at if the credible intervals for each group overlap with the mean of another, but that would not correct for multiple testing and might thus be problematic. Or is it feasible?

2.) How do you approach effect size within the Bayesian ANOVA framework. To my understanding JASP does not provide any direct effect size (such as partial eta squared for frequentist ANOVA) which describes e.g. amount of varriance explained by main effect(s) and interaction effects. Generally I guess that the BF factor is correlated with the size of the effect, but to my understanding the BF-factor only provides evidence for an effect being present, and not for the size of the effect. How would you describe the effect size, and is there any neat function in JASP which could be used that I havn't found?




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