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PyGaze on an Alienware 51M Laptop

Hello all,

First time using OpenSesame and I've finally working all the updates & upgrades within OpenSesame, PyGaze, & Tobii-research. The PyGaze eye-tracking template crashes at:

Expyriment 0.9.1b2-11-gc100ee8 (Python 2.7.13) 


[2020-02-03 12:24:37,838:legacy:185:INFO] sampling freq = 48000, buffer size = 1024

[2020-02-03 12:24:38,177:experiment:450:INFO] experiment started

[2020-02-03 12:24:38,178:experiment:454:INFO] disabling garbage collection

Computer & Eyetracker Type:

I cannot find the eye tracker type but I assume its the "IS5 Tobii" type. Is this type of eye tracker supported by PyGaze? Am I missing something simple? I've placed the "Tobii" in the "pygaze_init" window.

Thanks for the help.


  • updated Debug Window output:

    [2020-02-03 13:01:59,269:psycho:142:INFO] waitblanking = True

    [2020-02-03 13:01:59,269:psycho:143:INFO] monitor = testMonitor

    [2020-02-03 13:01:59,269:psycho:144:INFO] screen = 0

    [2020-02-03 13:02:00,076:legacy:185:INFO] sampling freq = 48000, buffer size = 1024

    [2020-02-03 13:02:00,469:experiment:450:INFO] experiment started

    [2020-02-03 13:02:00,469:experiment:454:INFO] disabling garbage collection

    Traceback (most recent call last):

     File "C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenSesame\lib\logging\", line 885, in emit


     File "C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenSesame\lib\logging\", line 845, in flush

    IOError: [Errno 9] Bad file descriptor

    Logged from file, line 181

    The experiment process was killed.

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