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Common Method Bias - Marker Variable

Hello guys,

How do I handle a marker variavle to control for common method bias in JASP?

Thank you! :)


  • Hi WWU,

    Can you provide more information please? (description of what exactly you want to do, concrete example, url with background information, possibly R code).



  • Hey EJ,

    In the context of my master thesis I am investigating the UTAUT model with a SEM. Besides the variables of the UTAUT model, my model contains the construct "Social Desirability" (5 items) as a so called marker variable. This marker variable should investigate whether Common Method Bias/Variance is present.

    Thank you!

  • Well, JASP basically uses Lavaan code, so when you know the correct model syntax for Lavaan, you can simply copy-paste it and it should work.


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