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RM ANOVA - Post hoc Bonferroni comparison?

Hi, I have a question about frequentist RM ANOVA:

When you run post hoc Bonferroni comparisons (which give a t statistic), what kind of test is it? Because I ran Bonferroni-corrected paired-sample t-tests in SPSS and it gave me very different results - many more p values reached significance there. I'm very confused.

Thank you


  • Hi JLeborgne,

    In essence, the analysis is indeed running paired samples t-tests. We use the emmeans package for this in R. Are you assuming equal variances or not? Maybe that is causing the different results. JASP offers both options (equal variances or unequal variances).

    If you want, you can send me your .jasp file at johnnydoorn at gmail dot com, and I can offer some more explanation. Are you also running post hoc tests in SPSS or did you do separate t-tests and correct these by hand with the bonferroni method??



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