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Form_text_input may not contain empty fields

In 3.1.1 and 3.1.6 form_text_input gives an error message when leaving the form title empty. In some questionnaire-type experiments, this is what we want however. Typing in a space does not solve the problem either.


  • We need to see some code. Please provide the code for your text_input item and the error message.

  • Easy solutions without changing the form:

    • insert "_" or several to draw a line
    • insert "anything" and change the font color to background color
  • Indeed, as @DahmSF points out, there are a few simple workarounds. Another one: Just enter <span></span>, which corresponds to an invisible span with nothing in it.

    But still, it's confusing behavior, so I created an issue (#518) for it. Thanks for pointing this out!

  • Hi all (sorry for the late response, my notifications were in my spam folder..),

    Thanks for filing an issue on it, Sebastiaan. And thanks for the workarounds; they're very valuable for our students to know.

    best, Roy

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