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I have a question about replay movies

Hello,everyone!This is 'objecttakaku'.There's something I want to ask you.

I am using the media_player_mpy plugin to play my movies stimuli.
Only three movies can replay, but can not replay any more.
I want to replay 18movies and their replay bring into random order.
18movies which want to replay are put in file pool now.
I put their in loop, and random replay their.(not running...TT)

What should I do?


  • Hi objecttakaku,

    Sorry, but could you rephrase what exactly it is that is not working? Out of your 18 videos only 3 are played? Or is everything played but not in random order?


  • Hi!eduard!

    Thank you.
    Only 3 videos can be played.
    It can be played at random.


  • Are all videos the same format/size/etc..? Are always the same three videos played, or always the first three, but always different ones?

    Can you upload your experiment, please? Then, we can solve it faster.


  • Hi eduard!
    Thank you so much.

    All videos are the same format&size.
    I think there is problem with the file pool.
    When uploading the movie to file pool, a warning will appear in the upper left corner.

    My experiment's screenshot was upload.(above)
    Or do you need something more obvious?

    thank you.


  • What happens if you remove most of the videos and only include 4-5? The MEssage in the upper right corner says that you have many files which will slow down Opensesame, but still the experiment should be able to run, so therefore, I do not think this is the issue.

    Can you post the error message that you get when you try running it? Also, can you upload a small version of the experiment here? Maybe including only a few videos.



  • Hi,Eduard.

    Reworked again, on another computer.(because my previous PC is old...)
    This error message appeared.
    Videos are not able to play.

    Thank you very much!!!!!


  • Hi objecttataku.

    It appears that the media player cannot determine the playtime of one of the videos (that's why it comes up with a duration smaller than 1). This is often because of encoding errors in a video. You can fix this by reencoding the video, using vlc or handbrake. See here or here for more info about this.

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