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video stimuli_ file names

Hi, developers, thank you so much for your amazing work! It’s so nice of you guys dedicating so much time and effort to answering back the questions and making detailed tutorials for users.

I encountered a tough problem in using OpenSesame, but thanks God I’ve found what’s wrong with it. And I think it might be helpful to post the information here for other users and maybe you could do something in your tutorial page or something like that. So others will not spend so much time with confusion as I did.

Things are like that: I cannot run the experiment with video stimuli. Every time I tried to quickly run the experiment, it just shut down or presented preparing experiments, ending experiments and then closed. I checked almost all the settings and tried to change something to deal with the problem. It was frustrating in the process.

But you know what, it’s just the file names. I named them in Chinese. And it seems like that the software cannot recognize Chinese characters. So after I changed them into English, it works just fine. So simple.

Anyway, I hope this will help.

Have a good day!
Miles Liu


  • Hi Miles,
    Thanks for your report, even though you solved the problem yourself. We'll make a note of this and try to address it with one of the future releases. Probably unicode support (which makes usage of Chinese characters possible) is lacking somewhere in the media_player_mpy plugin and this should be fixed.

  • Hi Daniel,
    I'm glad that I can help.

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