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media_player_mpy responses not logged

Dear all,

I have a problem with the media_player_mpy plugin. I'm trying to collect a response (or, rather, response time) in a video played through media_player_mpy. In a minimal example, I just put one stimulus object and one logger object, with the logger set to collect all variables. However, while there is, e.g., a "time_new_media_player_mpy" variable logged, there is no "response_new_media_player_mpy", and no "response_time_new_media_player_mpy". If I use the old vlc plugin (identical settings) instead, it works (I had used the vlc plugin in an earlier experiment without any issues). Any thoughts?
(I also have a more elaborate experiment with loops and stuff, which is were is found the issue - the minimal example was only to find out were exactly the problem is.)



  • Hi Tibor,
    That is a known problem and I already created an issue for it on Github to keep it on my radar. I hope to have some time again soon to tackle this problem. Until that time, you could use the response.add() function in the script section of the media_player_mpy item. I will try to provide you with an example once I get back to a computer.

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