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Cedrus RB-830

edited April 2017 in OpenSesame


I am using the Cedrus RB-830 in Open Sesame using the SR-box plugin.

I do see that Open Sesame get the Cedrus responses, but I cannot figure out the numbers for the different keys.
I write to the logfile the "response" variable and in different runs when I press in the same key I do get different numbers for the "response".
I have 8 buttons on my box as shown here:

Did anybody use the Cedrus RB-830 and can suggest on the keys numbers ?
I also understand that there is an option that keys are stores when presseing or when releasing. How do I control that using the plugin?



  • I haven't used this myself, but as far as I know you need the open source python libs for xid.
    You can get them here -->

  • I do have them already (otherwise I would expect the responses would not have been recorded at all)

    I am just looking for the documentation about the numbers the buttons are supposed to send...

  • I attach as example: I have a loop where I record the SRbox response. I tried it 8 times. All the times I pressed on the upper left button, and I got different "response numbers":

    count_new_srbox response response_new_srbox
    0 1 1
    1 2 2
    2 2 2
    3 1 1
    4 1 1
    5 1 1
    6 1 1
    7 1 1

    How is this possible?

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