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Trouble with large video files


I've encountered a problem designing my experiment. I planned to use nine .mov videos with a total of 63MB. The smallest one is 3MB large, and that's after reducing the resolution and quality as much as is acceptable for the purpose. Every time I try to run the experiment, it crashes (Not Responding, no error message). Can OpenSesame play video files of this size? How could I solve this problem?

Best regards,


  • Hi Katerina,

    Yes, Opensesame has problems with large video files sometimes, but no this doesn't lead to a crash usually. Also this limitation should well above 63MB.
    So, I think there is another issue with your experiment. Would you mind sharing it with us? Then, we can more efficiently help you. Just upload the entire experiment (incl. the files in the file pool) to a google drive. or, or other file sharing platforms.



  • @eduard
    Excuse me sir, but it seems that you more things about large video compression than i do. I have a question and I want to ask. Recently I purchased this DVD compressing software to compress my DVD video into AVI. The whole conversion process was fine but the output AVI had no audio sound at all but only video images. I changed my DVD disc and tried again, still no sound. I just need to know whether that was caused by the so called 10x acceleration? Do you ever meet a such kind of question?

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately, I don't have much experience with video compression.

    But maybe this link helps.

    (In general it makes sense to ask the people to make the software. They know most about their software and potential kinks)

    good luck,


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