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Trigger Timing in Audio Loop

hi folks

i did a loop with a audio ping and recognized that the timing between the loops is varying a little .. its audible and the trigger inputs also slow a minimal shuffle while i didnt activated the shuffle feature ... any ideas?


  • should be show not slow -_-

  • is it just me with this "problem" ?!

  • Hi Paranoia,

    Did you use the Opensesame loop and sequence items to make your loop? If so, there will be a jitter due to the prepare-run-strategy that Opensesame uses (see here) If you have everything in only one phase, this jitter is quite a bit reduced.

    Btw. how big is this jitter? and why exactly is it a problem for you?



  • hi eduard

    i use the sequence item because i also need a trigger signal for every audio signal.

    the jitter is audible and it is not a problem per se ... but i was just curious how precise the timing of the trigger signal is.. because my research is quite time critical :\

    thanks for your reply !

  • Auditory timing is a problem on opensesame. Look here for some explanation -->
    You might want to play around with PyAudio or Pyo

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