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lagging image canvas

Hi all,

I'm designing a word production experiment, where the participant is to name a picture, in a language depending on a cue. There are four canvases to a sequence: fixdot, cue, stimulus, and a blank canvas. These are prepared and run in an inline script. The problem is, that the image canvas for the stimulus does not quit until the end of the trial; it's displayed for the time I determine for it, and for the blank canvas which should come after. I've tried replacing the blank canvas with a fixdot or text, but the image stays until the fixdot for the next trial. Has anyone experience this?



  • Well, after several hours stumped, I decided to post to you all in desperation...and what do you know, two seconds later I solved my own problem. I simply forgot the parentheses after "show" on the blank canvas.

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