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[open] Missing sound recordings

edited February 2014 in OpenSesame

I am new to OpenSesame, and I am trying to build an experiment that records a sound clip of every trial using the sound recorder plugin. The loop sequence I currently have is as follows:

fixation dot (1000ms)
sound start recording
sketchpad stimulus (3000ms)
sound stop recording

The recordings are set to 'append suffix to filename' if file exists, so they don't overwrite each other.

However, it appears that I am missing almost every other sound clip. In a block of 10 trials, I end up with only 5-6 recordings.

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.


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    Hi there,

    Someone else notified me of this problem and I have since then noticed it too. It must be a problem that recently has only popped up, as I and other people in my lab have been using the plug-in without problems for a while now. Once I find time, I will dive into the plugin code and see if something is wrong there, or if the problem might be the result of an update of the underlying packages which the plugin relies on.

    For now, have you played around with the compression setting? The plugin uses completely different libraries for mp3 and wav recording (which isn't particularaly a good thing, but it might save the situation for now), so the problem might not occur if you switch modes. Furthermore, what operating system are you working on?

  • @Daniel im facing similar problem too. audio files gets overwritten by the new ones. plz help.
    System: Windows
    Architecture: 32bit
    OpenSesame 3.1.3

  • @Daniel, Same here! Any resolution to this?

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