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Run two consecutive Experiments

Hello, I would like to run one Experiment and start a variation of a second Experiment depending on the choices of the participants in the first. Can anyone help me how to that ?


  • The most straightforward solution would be to store the choices of the participant in a certain file (either text, or a python pickle), load this file in the second script and change settings according to it. I recommend you check out pickles. The use is quite straightfoward:

    import pickle
    a_list = [1,2,3]
    # save a_list in a pickle
    output =  open( file_path, "wb" )
    # load a pickle
    input = open( filepath, "rb" )
    new_list = pickle.load(file_path)
    # new_list and a_list should be the same
    new_list == a_list

    Hope this helps,


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  • I would put it into one .osexp.
    Start with a sequence item.
    Put the three experiments into that sequence and use the "Run if".

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