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Run the feedback

Hi all,
I got a problem when I use OpenSesame to create picture selection experiment. I want the corrective feedback only runs after incorrect answers. I have amended the "run if" option from "always" to "[correct]=0" in the sequence, the feedback still appears every time. And the accuracy and the reaction time cannot be recorded. Do you have the solutions?
Thanks very much for the help!


  • Hi,

    We need more information to really help you finding out what is going wrong. So, maybe share your code, a screenshot of your sequence, or upload the experiment.

    If I had to take a guess, I would say the problem is that you haven't added a keyboard response. But again, if you provide more detail, we can better help you.

    Good luck,


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  • Hi Eduard,
    Thanks very much for your answer. I have solved this problem. The problem is, although I have added a keyboard response, I didn't set the time in sketchpad as 0. So it cannot record the correct response and reaction time.

    Best wishes

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