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How can I access properties


this may be a problem with a very easy solution but I couldn't solve it -.-.
I want to access the "content" of a property. For example: I want to access my data within the experiment. When I use the getter - and the output is the location of the object (). But how do I get to the object itself, i.e. the table?


  • I am not entirely sure I understand you correctly. The getter returns the actual object itself, not the location of it. The data object is an object that is writing data to a file.

  • ah okay.. so is there a way to access the data without reading the file?

  • Well, you have the data yourself, before you write them to the file, right? :-)

  • Well yeah :smiley: , that's exactly what I try to do but I don't know what to type in to get the full data as a table.
    When I type, I get the location (< at 0x11fb18860>) but not the table in which the data is stored. In other words: Is there a command by which I can access that table of data?

  • What I meant is, you put in the data manually into the data file object (usually by doing something like So, since you already have the data, before you manually put it into the data file object, there is no way to get the data from the object (other than opening the file of course).

  • Alright I see ^^ thanks!

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