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Prensent Stimuli

I just try to presenting stimuli that contain R and B letter for charity work with younger children. The stimuli will be like this
I couldn't present them with list as error emerged saying "list object has no attribute decode"..ok i can get another solution replace them with image. But I still struggle to find the solution. These stimuli contain 4 random trial. Any help would be appreciated


  • Not sure if I understand you correctly, but wouldn't this work:

    def create_random_stim():
        sequence = ["R"] * 27 + ["B"]
        return expyriment.stimuli.TextLine("".join(sequence))
    stim1 = create_random_stim()
    stim2 = create_random_stim()
    stim3 = create_random_stim()
    stim4 = create_random_stim()
  • Yes many thanks Florian! and sorry for frequently asking you terrible question.

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