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graphical bug when aborting on mac with kafka 3.2.5

@sebastiaan and @Daniel
Just a minor problem. But you might wanna look at it.

When i abort an Experiment on Mac (using the actual version) i get a graphical bug. Many parts of the screen are black. When i scroll over the "run" or "open" button, it appears (which is quite funny actually). :smiley:
The overview and the buttons remain black. What i can see is the debug window and the donno what it's called where you type your script and get the error message that you aborted.
When i open another window (e.g. mozilla) and then turn back to OS, everything looks fine (graphics are fixed). But when starting the experiment again, OS gives an error message and shuts down.

Greetings Stephan


  • Thanks for reporting this @DahmSF. I haven't had this problem myself, so I hope I'm able to reproduce it.
    It appears to be a repaint problem to me, although the crash afterwards suggests it may be something more serious.

    What Mac model are you working on, and which version of MacOS? And in OpenSesame settings, could you look up which Runner you are using?

  • The error occured on a Mac Book Pro Retina, OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. I was using the main run symbol (the single green triangle).

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