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Open Sesame doesn't work with Apple

Hi guys,

I've just tried to install OpenSesame on my Macbook (macOS Mojave 10.14), but when then I try to open it, it does not open/work. There comes a new window, where I see the progress of controlling the safety.And at the middle of the bar it just stops and my Macbook is getting hotter and hotter. Any suggestion of how I can fix it?
(No idea if it really matters but I've got SPSS and Python 3 on my Macbook)
Any tip is welcome.

Greetings, Noah


  • Hi Noah,

    Installing OpenSesame on a Mac is indeed a little bothersome, but it will work. The basic procedure is this (@Daniel correct me if I'm wrong):

    • Download and open the OpenSesame Mac OS package
    • Drag OpenSesame onto the applications icon
    • Wait for the copying to be finished (this can take very long, so be patient!)
    • Launch OpenSesame from the applications (this can again take very long)
    • This will be blocked because it comes from an unidentified developer
    • Now go to the security settings, where you can make an exception, and OpenSesame will start (but again it may take long!)

    Once you've done this once, you'll be able to start OpenSesame normally!


  • Hi Noah, it is not entirely clear to me where you experience your problem. Is this with opening OpenSesame itself, or when opening/running an experiment. I upgraded to Mojave myself yesterday and the OpenSesame interface appears to work fine, while I'm having some mixed experiences with running experiments.
    Could you clarify what actions you take before the problem pops up?
    @sebastiaan that indeed describes the installation process accurately

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