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Bayesian Repeated Measures ANOVA

Hi, I´d like to kindly ask for a recommendation where to find a detailed description of Bayesian Repeated Measures ANOVA results. For example, what does BFm or BFinclusion means and what´s the difference? Also, I can find difference but how can I express the magnitude of the difference (there´s no option for ES)? Any tip for a published experimental paper that used Bayesian Repeated ANOVA? Thank you in advance.


  • Hi Luke19,

    Sorry for the tardy reply. We are working on papers that explain these things. One of them has appeared already, and you can find it on and then


  • Hi E.J., thanks a lot. Quintana et al. (2018) helped me to answer some questions. Great paper written for stats users (not statistitians). But some questions mentioned above still remains. I´m looking forward to reading your new papers.



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