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Utilising single-subject parameter distribution information in JASP/R

edited December 2018 in JASP & BayesFactor

I am using JAGS/winBUGS to estimate two parameters of a model for each participant, let's call them xi and alpha. I have two independent samples (groups) of uneven size. I would like to perform a Bayesian t-test - that can be done in JASP. However, I would like to utilise the information about the certainty (parameter distribution) of each parameter estimate (given by the posterior distribution). I want this because i noticed that xi has very low standard deviation in all subjects (0.0002) while alpha has very high standard deviation (0.15). If I use the point estimate of the mean and perform a Bayesian t-test both come out significant but when I look at the certainty it really shouldn't in the case of alpha.

1) Is there a way that I can incorporate this information in my test?
2) Could I use the same information to perform a mixed ANOVA?
3) If JASP is not there yet, is there any R/Matlab package that might have already developed this?

Thank you!



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