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Wilcoxon signed rank test - Jasp vs Python, slightly different p values

I ran Wilcoxon signed test using scipy.stats.wilcoxon ( and Jasp.

I got p=0.005 in python and p=0.002 in Jasp, I was wondering why might that be?

I attach a csv file with the paired data I was testing.


  • I'll pass this on to Johnny. We use a particular R package I think.

  • Hi Alebyk,
    The difference lies in whether a normal approximation is used for the p-value. From the SciPy page: "Because the normal approximation is used for the calculations, the samples used should be large. A typical rule is to require that n > 20."
    In R (with the wilcox.test function), an exact p-value can be calculated for small sample sizes - since your sample size is only 10, the exact p-value can be calculated (and R, and therefore JASP, does that by default for small n):
    wilcox.test(dat$con) # gives p-value = 0.001953
    wilcox.test(dat$con, exact = FALSE) # gives p-value = 0.005922

    I hope this clarifies things!
    Kind regards,

  • If it helps - p=.005 in SPSS as well

  • Thanks a lot for clarification! I now see other people have reported this before, e.g. here:

    Cheers again, love your software btw!

    Thanked by 1EJ
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