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Building experiment with videos



  • Hi Florian thanks for the fast reply
    I just try again with the same video and I even use the higher video resolution. All work fine even I can record my time!, that never happen since my first trial. All my video in mp4. However, there is two problem:
    1) instead using blank screen I use fix cross that run too long (setting exp.clock.wait in 2000 ms) in inter trial interval but it seems the cross never change until I press the key.
    2) Still there is notification in CMD Windows :"1 video frame (s) dropped!"
    Thanks for your answer and for creating Expyriment!

  • As i mentioned before, the higher the resolution of the video, the more likely it is that frames are dropped. There is no hardware acceleration in Expyriment for decoding videos, which means it is all done in software. If your computer is not powerful enough to decode high resolution video on the fly, then you either have to run the experiment on a better speced computer, or if this is not an option, recode your video in a lower resolution.

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