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Interactive ranking in OpenSesame possible?

Hey there!

I am wondering if there is an option to let participants move pictures on the interface? Imagine a simple ranking test: There are 7 pictures displayed on the screen and you have to reorder it to your preference. Or 7 pictures are fixed above on the screen and you need to fill certain spots below with the order of pictures by clicking on them.

Do you know if that's even possible with OpenSesame?

Thanks and have a great day!



  • Hi Johannes,

    Yes, that is very possible (I recommend the drag and drop option). I could try to make you a little script that brings you towards your solution, but I think the mousetrap plugin could make your life much easier, and I haven't worked with it yet. So, how about you give it a go, and post here again in case you get stuck?


  • Hi all,

    I am looking for something similar as the poster above. I would like to let participants see a screen with 6 written options which they shall order according to their preference. Any advice or way to do this on one single screen would be highly appreciated!

    Best, Josephine

  • Hi Josephine,

    The procedure Johannes proposed seems to make a lot of sense.

    In a top row, have all images lined up. Once you click on it, it moves in a bottom row at the most left position (that is not yet occupied). Optionally, you can also implement that on a click of that image, it will jump back to its original position. As I said, using the mousetrap plugin will make your life much easier, so I suggest you give it a go using it. Also, I recommend, you take it easy and just try to make small steps at a time (e.g. first try to get on image on the screen, then all of them, then all in the correct positions, etc..)

    Does that make sense?


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