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TMS pulse with parallel port

Hi everyone, 

I'm tying to build a py code to send TMS pulse during a Flanker Task. I used the parallel port fonction, that worked to send informations to the EMG but not to the TMS machin. The TMS pulses are sent in a randomly way, they seems to not follow the timing architecture of the script. In opposition of the EMG pairing follows perfectly the timing of the experience. Do someone had already experienced a similar issue? 

I work on Psychopy coder.

Here is the script if you want to look at it.

Thanks in advance,



  • Hi Victor,

    can you build a minimal example that reproduces the issue and post an issue on Github of Opensesame or the parallel port plugin (if you use it).



  • Hi Victor,

    You might want to post your question in the PsychoPy forum too. You might have a better chance of getting an answer there, considering you're using PsychoPy.


    Good luck! :)


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