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Using DataMatrix with Tobii_Pro eyetracker?

Many thanks to @sebastiaan for contributing another excellent tool!

My question: Has anyone used Data Matrix for processing/analyzing data from a Tobii eyetracker?

In order to be able to compare the Tobii vs. Eyelink output files, I tried to read the Eyelink edf files of the semantic_pupil experiment, with no luck. I cannot convert the .edf files to .asc. Could someone, perhaps, upload one as .asc (or other readable format)?

I am also attaching two screenshots of a Tobii X3-120 output .tsv file.

Note that missing (-1) values in pupil size are due to Tobii X3-120 reporting pupil size only in bright pupil mode which is used only every third sample. Thus although this model records eye gaze at 120Hz, it records pupil size at only 40Hz -as this is only a pilot study, I guess this is not too important.

Any advice would be more than welcome!




  • Hi Alexandra,

    Here's a link to one of the datafiles from the semantic-pupil experiment, converted to .asc. This is done with a utility called edf2asc, which you can download for free from the SR Research forum. (But this does require you to register on their forum.)

    It should be straightforward to build an adapter for the EyeLinkParser such that it can read the .tsv files above. (Similar to how this is done for the EyeTribeParser.) Could you upload one complete datafile so that I can see what it looks like exactly?



  • Hi Sebastiaan,

    Thank you very much for your imediate reply and the asc output file!

    I will have study it, as well as the EyeTribeParser...

    Here you can find a Tobii_Pro output file (it wouldn't let me upload it here).

    Thanks again for everything.

    Best wishes,


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