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analysing data from TSV file using the eyetribe eye tracker


We condudcted an experiment using the eyetribe eye tracker and opensesame. Trying to analyse the TSV data file, we are not sure which message relates to the begining of each trial and to all the events during the trial. It also

seems that the timestamp that is supposed to be continuous with the eyetribe messages is not correct.

I'd be happy for some help.

Attached are the experiment file and the TSV data file (converted to txt and shortened).

Thank you.


  • Which messages did you set to relate to the start and end of the trial, and to events? The only default messages you get are "start_recording" and "stop_recording". Others you need to introduce using pygaze_log items.

    As a general tip: I would strongly recommend to avoid logging ALL variables to the gaze data file. This is rarely what you want. (To be honest, we should probably remove that functionality, because people end up using it without knowing what it does.)

    What do you mean by "seems that the timestamp that is supposed to be continuous with the eyetribe messages is not correct"?

  • Hi, thank you for your comment.

    Actually, we didn't know that we needed to set the messages, only to select the ones to log (and indeed we didn't do that, because we didn't want to lose any of the information).

    Does this mean that we lost those messages? or that they "hide" in the bulk of messages that we have in the file?

    Thanks again.

  • You'd log messages in every gaze tracking experiment; otherwise how would you know what happened when? As for logging ALL variables, you're free to do so, but it's up to you to implement a sensible approach. If you log all variables every single time you use a pygaze_log item, that doesn't seem like a sensible approach to me, but you might have different ideas. Greatly depends on what you're trying to do with your experiment.

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by losing the messages. If you wrote them to file using a pygaze_log item, they would be hiding between the rest of the variables. Have you tried searching for them in the log output? (You can use Ctrl+F to open the search function in most text or spreadsheet editors.)

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