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Issues Integrating Eye Tracking into Existing open Sesame Experiment

Hi there, 

I was wondering if anyone can help me sort out an issue I'm having integrating eye tracking into an existing experiment using Open Sesame. 

We are using a Mac Mini running OS El Capitan and the eye tracker is an EyeLink 1000 Plus. In our lab, experiments are usually built using Experiment Builder, but we have recently started using Open Sesame. The experiment in question is already created and now we would like to integrate eye tracking. To get the experiment to run, I had to download an older version of Open Sesame (3.2.5 - the same version the experiment was built on). It would not run in the newest version.

As a first step to integrating eye tracking into our own study, I first tried to run the template eye tracking experiment provided with Open Sesame. It throws errors and says that the plugins, pygaze_init , pygaze_drift_correct, pygaze_start_recording, etc. are not there.This is despite the fact that in terminal or the debug window, PyGaze can be imported using the command import pygaze. 

Also, when we go to tools->system information-PyGaze is there. But when you go tools->plugins and extensions-PyGaze is not listed.



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